Friday, July 27, 2007

Visit with friends

Last week, our friends, who lived down the street from us in Memphis, stopped through to visit on their way to their new home in Texas. We had so much fun watching the kids play together. Micah had fun showing off his jumping abilities and then running for kisses from Sam. We have some adorable blackmail pictures for them. It was a sad goodbye as we will miss them tons. Hopefully, Nashville won them over and they will neighbors again one day. Micah already misses his first girlfriend.
Owen is still happy despite his first runny nose. He has been laughing out loud lately at Micah, which is so fun to watch. I am attempting to learn how to upload videos, so hopefully some will be posted soon.
Micah is enjoying playing handyman with Dada as he tightens Dada's chair with his allen wrench and, our favorite mispronunciation, "scwiff," ie. screw.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Finally some stability (sort of)

We are finally moved into our new house in Nashville. We love our new home despite all the minor glitches we have encountered due to new construction. For instance, we were without hot water for almost two weeks as we awaited the city gas inspector to approve our house. It was interesting, to say the least, to load the kids up with all their bath time gear and drive down to the model home to take baths/showers. I also realized how thankful I am for a dishwasher as hand washing is so time consuming.
Micah loves our new house, especially his new playroom, which I have to say is one of my favorite rooms too. I am very proud of the way he handled the last few months. To be a little boy who loves order and stability as much as Micah does, he has adjusted to a new baby and new house very well. He gets more interested in "baby Owen" every day. He loves tickling his chin to make him smile and giving him big kisses right on the mouth. He has found a new love in art, and he is content to draw with crayons or sidewalk chalk most of the day. He loves learning and is quite good at memorizing facts. We have begun teaching him catechism questions and helping him memorize several bible verses. He loves helping Dada say prayers and sing before bed.
Owen loves to watch his big brother during the day. He has had a few more firsts this last month. He can now roll over from front to back, and he giggled at Micah in the bath tub last week. He is such a sweet, content baby and is exploring many new sounds as he babbles away. We think his laid back nature will compliment Micah's intense personality well. We will try to post pictures of the new house soon. Here are a few of the boys until then.