Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Little "O-Man"

Owen, you are one of a kind! The past few weeks have been a bit trying with you until we learned that we fed you poison twice. See, I like to think that you are outgrowing your allergies, and I don't know a better way to see than to experiment. So, I whipped up a delicious batch of thai noodles and let you have a go. You loved it and ate it all up. Well, the next day you cried all morning, really testing my patience. The day after that, you had "shiners" around your poor eyes and were horribly broken out. Dada and I knew it was the soy, and felt instantly bad for being frustrated with you and your feisty self. Well, we got you back and were loving our sweet "loafer D" when you started acting the same way again. Lo and behold, we unknowingly fed you "hydrolyzed soy protein" (who even knows what that is and what it is doing in beef broth!). It was hidden in the soup that Nana made for us last weekend. So, now I owe you another apology. I am sorry that the way I treat you sometimes wavers based on your behavior. Forgive me sweet boy, and please know that while I may fail in my actions of love for you, the place you have in my heart grows bigger everyday. Now here is a bit of what you have been up to and a few reasons why I love you so much:

You have mastered your uppercase letters, and Dada is teaching you some phonics at story time before night night. Last night he said "Owen, 'B' says 'Buh, buh, buh'." You came back with "B says hoo hoo hoo hoo," while imitating a monkey. Dada didn't think it was so funny at first because he was in a serious mood of teaching, but I thought it was hilarious when he was recounting it to me in bed later! I told him "Micah may have loved to learn phonics, but Owen loves to make jokes!" You have a very silly sense of humor. Micah thinks you are hilarious because of the silly things you say and come up with.

You have taken up golf. I really think this is mainly because you love your brother so much that you will play whatever he likes to play just to receive his attention. I will often hear you saying "Micah, do you want to play some golf with me?" It melts my heart.

You are very loving towards me. You love to give me "Eskimo kisses," followed by "butterfly kisses." You love to have me play with you or watch you play. Even better, you love to help me with housework on the days Micah is at school. You will dust, "vacuum," and help wipe toilets.

You still love trucks, and have such a good imagination with them. You say, "Micah, you are a dump truck, and I am a bull-za-da, kay?" Micah responds with "let me see you crank your driver, Owen!" Of course you oblige him with your best pretend crank and even add an "oops, landed in the rough!" to make Micah smile.

You are getting the hang of puzzles. You love to put them together, but still need some help with the bigger ones. In these pictures, you did four little ones "all my byself."

You are a very fast learner. Micah and I are teaching you how to play games, and you love to play Memory and Hi Ho Cherrio. We have to keep an eye on you, or you will somehow end up with all the matches and cherries!

You can be extremely bossy, especially to your family. I know you are a perfectionist like your mama, and you want everyone to do things the right way. You are, however, very sweet to other people, whom you may not be as familiar with. We always seat you by the grandparents at family dinners because you are (usually) so compliant for them. You still love to sleep (except during your allergy spells), and I always appreciate the extra long break in the afternoons.

You have sixteen teeth as of this week. We are still awaiting your four two-year molars and can't believe any baby, or should I say big boy, could be a slower teether than Micah was.

You love to read books, especially before bed. You later imagine scenes from your favorites. Right now, our very hungry caterpillar stuffed animal is wrapped in your "cocoon" blanket.

We love you, Owen, and are excited to see what the next few months has in store.

What Do You Do When

... there is no time and everyone is too sick to visit a pumpkin patch?

Why take your children to your neighborhood Kroger and let them oohh and ahhh over the pumpkins and hay stacks of course!

Later in the week, when you are too sick to get out of bed, let your husband carve one of those bad boys to keep the children out of your hair just a bit longer. Getting up to take pictures because you just can't stand it is, of course, optional!

A little nervous about what to expect
Diving in with spoons
Look at that intensity!

We assured them several times that it was okay to stick their hands in and get dirty and that yes, it would wash off. Micah was the first to take the plunge.
Being silly and not wanting to get that "goop" on them anymore

Our jack-o-lantern!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dinner Tonight

So I have been a really bad blogger these days. I am feeling a little worn down-not in a bad way, just in a "I'm so busy I can't think straight sometimes way." I would love to blog about my weekend in Memphis celebrating my high school best friend's wedding-but I took no pictures. I would also love to give you detailed updates on the boys, but maybe later this week. Right now, Micah has the "swine" flu. While he is definitely sick, I have seen him way worse (think croup+ pneumonia twice last year). He has a fever and is weak, but that seems to be about it for now. We did take him straight to the doctor (even though we were out of town) when his fever was 103. I knew we couldn't play around with Micah and his propensity to get these lung infections. Our former and favorite pediatrician confirmed H1N1 flu and started him on Tamiflu, which has seemed to so far be doing its job. This is the 4th day of the illness (which is supposed to last about 3-5 days). He is only running a small fever at random times of the day, and is able to even play a bit. Hopefully the rest of us will dodge a bullet and stay healthy! I am not remaining too optimistic, however. Owen decided to take a big swig of Micah's milkshake on Saturday.

On a completely different note: It made its way down to the freezing mark last night, so I am making a delicious chili for dinner. Here is how I do it:

1 can chile ready tomatoes
1 can regular diced tomatoes
1 can black beans rinsed and drained
1 pound ground chicken
1 diced onion
1 packet Lawry's chili seasoning*

Just saute the onion and brown the chicken in a big pot. Then, dump in all the other ingredients with a half tomato can of water and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Top with shredded cheese and eat with Fritos. Enjoy!

*I like this packet. It tastes good and has only real ingredients (one of which is cocoa powder-delicious in chile). It also makes for a super fast dinner because I don't have to locate all my spices and measure them out.