Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Christmas time is busy around here-and we love it. I made a conscious effort to have 90% of the shopping done before December got here, so we could enjoy the hustle and not get lost in it. Matt and I celebrated our 7th anniversary on the 21st. Seven years has flown by, and I am so thankful for a wonderful marriage. Matt is truly my best friend. My mother-in-law kept the boys the weekend before while we went out, and I think it was one of our most fun dates yet! My mom, aunt, and uncle came up the Sunday before Christmas to make candy, visit, and go to ICE! (thanks to my sister-in-law who works for Opryland). It was seriously the coldest I have ever been, and I am always so glad to get out of there. The ice is truly spectacular though, and Micah had a wonderful time this year.

Trying out the ice slide. He was disappointed that he didn't go faster.

We did Christmas a little differently this year and celebrated with Matt's side on Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful brunch and a fun time of opening gifts. The cousins are all really starting to be able to play together, which makes mine and Matt's time so much more enjoyable.

Trying to get a family shot. Maybe next year ;)

We left that afternoon and headed to the early church service. I think this was what Micah had been anticipating the most. He really got into Christmas carols this year and couldn't wait to sing them on Christmas Eve. The service was lovely. The boys nearly brought me to tears as they sang their hearts out to Jesus! Afterwards, we made a last minute decision to eat Mexican- it never disappoints. We then piled our antsy, tired children into the car again to head home. We love opening one gift on Christmas Eve. Every year we get the boys a book to read before bed, and this year we also opened a bean bag toss to play before saying goodnight.
Micah loves the challenge of trying to get the bags in the hole. See Owen's beloved back-hoe loader and dump truck he received earlier that evening?
I Spy Christmas!
Curious George and the Dump Truck-and other stories.
Once the boys were all nestled in their beds, Matt and I sat their big gifts under the tree. Micah got his very own golf bag filled with four new clubs. Owen asked for a giant excavator. I thought it would be so easy to come by that this was one I left until the last minute. After visiting four stores, we finally had to order one from Amazon. We were pleased with how big it really was.

Christmas morning came pretty early for Micah who found it hard to sleep. We made him snuggle in bed with us and then listened as he performed "We Three Kings." We have a country version by Toby Keith on iTunes, and we nearly lost it when Micah started singing in a deep, country voice. After a good lazy hour we started getting ready for the day. We popped monkey bread in the oven, washed up a bit and then went to go wake our sleepy head, Owen. The boys piled in the playroom and listened to the Christmas story, ate monkey bread (and jelly beans), and opened their stockings.

Notice Ellie looking for crumbs.

Matt got the camera ready while I tried to keep the boys still on the bottom stair. When we gave them the go-ahead, they both ran into the den and grabbed a wrapped gift. They didn't even see the best gift that we had set out for them because they thought that the gifts were all wrapped. It was hilarious to try to direct them to the gifts right in front of their noses!
So excited to do big scoops and dumps.
Trying out the new "big-head putter"
The boys were so sweet and wanted to open everything together. We love having a long, lazy morning and opening one gift at a time.
"What's it gunna be?"
Sweet brothers. These two are in a good phase of playing together and looking out for each other. Micah made sure that Owen got his giant excavator and even took a break from golf to come check it out. He didn't even know what a giant excavator was, but he is doing a good job at trying to be interested in some things that Owen likes.
Yes! A table top golf game.
A new fire truck puzzle from Micah.
We have done this every day since. He loves it, especially when Micah helps.
Some brain teasers. We haven't gotten to these yet, but I know they will come in handy on these long winter days.
An indoor sandbox. Owen is very meticulous and loved using the tiny bulldozer and dump truck.

Even though ice was falling, we had to try out the new clubs. Micah loved his 3-hybrid.

After lunch, we headed to Memphis to celebrate with my family. We had a wonderful breakfast for dinner and coffee with Bailey's for dessert. Then we proceeded to open more gifts.

A guitar just like Dada's. He was very excited about this gift from Uncle Andy and Aunt Jessica. Owen got a microphone so he could sing along. The boys are really into music right now, so these will be put to great use.

And after all the excitement, we came back home and tried to find places to put all our things. We thankfully have not had to "detox" the boys too much, and Owen is napping again (he took a three week break during all the commotion.) We had a wonderful holiday and are looking forward to bringing in the new year with friends in Atlanta. Hope your Christmas was merry and you enjoyed celebrating the birth of our Savior.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Micah's Christmas Program

For Micah's Christmas program this year, the students did "A Tale of Three Trees." In the story, three trees were taken from the forrest. One became the manger that Jesus laid in after he was born, the second became the boat that Jesus was on when he calmed the waves and storm, and the third became the cross that Jesus was crucified on. The play was very creative and wonderful for the children-who were all dressed as trees. Micah and the other four year olds sang "Wake Up, Save Us" during the second part of the play. The whole school sang "Trees of the Field" at the end of the performance. They were all fantastic. We were especially proud of Micah as he belted the words from the top row. He has come so far this year at pre-school. We are just so excited to watch him run into his classroom in the morning and greet his friends
and then tell us enthusiastically all about his day when we pick him up in the afternoons. Mustard Seed has been such a blessing to our family, and we are so thankful for the opportunity Micah has had to attend there.

I've Been Enjoying

Getting some of these!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Is it Too Much to Ask?

Every year, I like to get a picture of the boys by the Christmas tree. It usually involves lots of pleading, crazy gestures and sayings, and candy rewards for compliance. Why is it so hard to get them both to look at the camera at the same time and smile? Alas, it was fun trying. Enjoy the trial runs. Maybe before Christmas I will get a winner.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a busy, fun-filled Thanksgiving holiday. We first went to Memphis to see my mom, aunt, uncle, granddad, brother, and sister-in-law, then headed to Little Rock to see my dad.
Starting off the holiday with one of Mimi's birthday cupcakes. The icing stained his whole face pink!

Taking some shots with Uncle Andy, and admiring some of his golf tricks.
Got a little ways to go to fill these boots!
Uncle Andy and Aunt Jessica were quite impressed with Micah's skills at the computer game, Bloxorz.
Owen ate a few snacks and watched football before lunch.

My granddad, Bill admiring the turkey. I know he was missing my grandma, as we all were. This was our first Thanksgiving to cook since she passed away. It was comforting to eat food made with her recipes. Mom, you did a great job!
Owen watching Pa carve the bird.

Playing in the leaves at Big Daddy's house. The large amount of land, combined with beautiful weather made for some happy boys.

Finding some berries
Peeking at the goats
Taking a ride with Big Daddy

Lots of work to do here!
Playing some black jack before bed