Thursday, January 22, 2009

Look Who's Feeling Better!

Yes, Micah is healthy again. He is smiling a lot, playing, and just being sweet Micah. We are so thankful that his lungs sounded clear yesterday at the doctor. I am trying not to worry about his stuffy nose as the doctor didn't seem to think it worthy of concern. Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, January 16, 2009

What We Do When

it is unbelievably cold (schools were canceled here today because it was so cold-a little extreme I know but it really is frigid out there).

We curl up in Mama and Dada's warm, big bed and watch movies.

We shamelessly play numerous video games in our pj's.

We attempt to destroy the playroom with all Micah's new Christmas toys (which all have lots of little pieces) all the while pretending we know exactly what we are doing!

And.....when we just can't take being cooped up anymore, we design an obstacle course to run off some of our boredom!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's for Dinner

I am making this tonight. It is one of our favorites-you've got to try it!

You can make it ahead and just bake when you're ready. I substitute bread crumbs if I don't have rice crackers-though they are easy to find in the Asian section of the grocery. You can find hoisin sauce (another one of those sauce that you will be licking the spoon!) there also. Also I have, until today, only used ground turkey because I haven't seen ground pork. Kroger had it last week-very cheap ($2.60 per lb.). We'll have to see if it makes a difference. Oh, and this is great leftover! Enjoy.

Monday, January 12, 2009


So... Micah has pneumonia again. He had it back in November, it took him a good 6 weeks to recover, and after having a healthy boy for Christmas, he came down with some breathing troubles last week. The doctor confirmed pneumonia in a different location. I was puzzled, asked if we should be concerned, and he said maybe. He looked through Micah's chart, said he has previously been a healthy boy, and told me that for now we would consider it a fluke and chalk it up to a bad year. He did say that if this happens again, we would have to consider some possible underlying illnesses that could be present. Needless to say, we are praying for a speedy recovery and hoping to bid this pneumonia goodbye at our follow-up next visit and never to return again. On a happy note, Micah has seemed to be handling the illness much better this time. We are so proud of our little trooper as he sucks down quite possibly the worst tasting medicine known to man. Seriously, it is that bad. We get armed with a coke, a starburst, and a bowl of ice cream every morning and evening to help him get the stuff down. He is counting down to the end-only 11 more doses. And brace yourselves for this one, we are hugely thankful for a video game we got him a few weeks ago. This is something I never thought I would say! But, when he can't even walk down the stairs without getting winded, what else can we offer to keep him busy? I can proudly say that my 3 year old can beat me and Matt at at least a couple of the 65 games. A few other favorites from the sickness: A house for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle. I think we seriously read it 3 to 4 times a day stopping on each page to thouroughly discuss what is going on. This is not that short of a book, people! I told Micah maybe we can get a hermit crab from the beach this spring. Wishful thinking! Hopefully, the update in a couple of weeks will be of health, happiness, and the return of my energetic little guy. We would love your prayers for his healing!

*this picture is courtesy of Taylor from our New Year's trip.*

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My New Favorite Snack

So, I can see from the last post that my husband apparently highjacked my blog! While he is off cheering for the Titans with his family, (they got great seats and offered a ticket to Matt, which he was hugely thankful for) I am home in my pj's enjoying some computer/reading/tv time while the boys take a nap. I am also enjoying my new favorite snack:

1 sliced banana
1 sliced apple
1 spoonful of Nutella (chocolate, hazelnut spread)
1 spoonful peanut butter drizzled with honey

Yep, it is a pretty good day, all except for the missing my best friend part!

Go Titans!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Trip with Friends

We had an extended vacation over New Year's because of the way the date's fell. We decided to use our long weekend to take a trip to see our dear friends, the Brown's. The trip was great. I have officially decided that I have the best travelers ever. They seriously made the 4.5 hour trip with hardly a fuss, and we didn't even have to stop. *side note: the trip home wasn't quite as good, but Owen and I had a little head cold and we had to stop for a meal making it a little longer. Despite my feeling during the last half hour of the trip, I think they still did great considering. We really just spent the New Year visiting with our friends and eating lots of snacks (a wonderful cheese ball with strawberry preserves and some artichoke dip that Taylor made and a buffalo chicken dip that I made per Matt's request.) The kiddos had a blast (I think Dylan has her first crush-on Micah!), and we even got one day pretty enough to play in the grassy spot across from the Brown's house. The rainy day wasn't so bad either as we had a fun day at IKEA and Mellow Mushroom!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

You Have to Try This

....if you like ketchup. While visiting at the Brown's for New Year's (more to come from our trip later), I tasted a new find of Taylor's: Private Selection's* organic tomato ketchup. I think I could seriously eat a few spoonfuls for dessert! It is especially great for us because it has no high fructose corn syrup (Owen is allergic to corn.) I definitely added it to my list and was so happy to find it right with the other ketchups for only $1.85 for a 20 oz bottle. So, if you like to dip like me, head over and buy a bottle of this. You won't be sorry.

*Private Selection is one of Kroger's store brands, which I highly recommend. It is great quality, and they carry lots of affordable organics with this label. Sorry to those of you without my favorite grocery store.

Christmas in Memphis

*all the grands, and great-grands with "Pa Pa, Bill"*

The day after Christmas, we loaded into the Subaru and headed to Memphis to have Christmas with Nana, Mimi, Pa, and Bill. The weather was fabulous, and the boys were so excited to have so much attention from the family, whom they love. Really, the whole Christmas week was that way. What a blessing because Micah's first two Christmases were filled with tears from being overwhelmed, and Owen was a bit unsure of all the commotion last year. This was the first time Matt and I have really been able to watch our families enjoy our boys at Christmas time. It really took a lot of pressure off us as we were able to watch them have fun instead of trying to keep them calmed down the whole time. Much of our family came over on Saturday to have food and exchange some "dirty santa" gifts. It was 70 degrees and windy: wonderful for all the kids to be outside! Owen and Micah took turns flying their new balsa wood toy airplanes while Matt threw the football with my brother and cousin. The trip was a wonderful close to the Christmas festivities.

*opening a new drum set from Nana*

*comparing watches with Uncle Andy (he got a watch that was just like Uncle Andy's!) *

*Owen found a new best friend: Pa, who is my Uncle Phil*

*With Mimi and Pa. Owen seriously sat in this chair with Pa the whole night*