Tuesday, November 30, 2010


For the past month or so, family devotions have come from the Big Truths for Little Kids book by Susan Hunt and Richie Hunt. The boys have been reviewing their catechism questions that they learn at preschool. I am often feeding/changing Margot during these times, but I am usually somewhere where I can hear the conversations. The boys are really learning such meaningful truths while asking and answering great questions. The other night, Owen was saying that to be a Christian, you have to be really good. Matt and I groaned as we thought "no, you're missing it." Before Matt could even offer the gospel, Micah says "No, Owen, to be a Christian, you have to love and trust Jesus. We can never be good enough to go to Heaven. Jesus was good for us." The most amazing moment as a parent is to hear your child know, understand, and love the gospel. We often pray for Micah as a big brother, that he will help lead his siblings to know the Lord, that he would help teach them the truth of the faith the Lord has blessed him with at such a young age. Oh Lord, may you continue to grow Micah in knowledge and faith in you. May you use him as a light to his siblings that he loves so much so that they will turn and trust in you. We are so thankful for the wonderful relationship between Micah and Owen. They truly love each other more than I ever thought they would. Micah is so patient with Owen and loves to teach him. Owen helps Micah loosen up and be a kid, teaching him how to pretend with his wonderful imagination. We are blessed beyond words to have these boys!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Our cup runneth over!

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Oh, what did we ever do without you?

Saturday, November 06, 2010

One Month

Happy one month baby girl! We all love you so much; you have added such a sweetness to our house. Your brothers love you and dote on you any time you are in the room with them. Today, while you were in my arms during their story time, Micah reached over and gently rubbed your back. Owen is always finding a rattle and shaking it for you. They both love to sing the Doxology and Barocha to you. Dada can't wait to get his hands on you when he walks in the door. I am sharing my role as the girl in the house, but I don't mind. You love when I hold you after you eat. You are so peaceful then and have smiled a few times at me. You make little mouse sounds off and on all day. Lately, they are turning into precious coos-music to my ears! You have a fussy time at night when you can't decide if you want to be awake or asleep. Mama and Dada take turns holding you and trying to keep you calm. Sometimes, we give you a bath to quiet you because you love the warm water and the warm washcloth on your tummy. I hate to hear you cry and see you upset. For some reason, it bothers me more than it did with your brothers. You remain very calm and still during the day time. This is why I was so surprised two days ago when I laid you down for a rest on your tummy, turned around, and saw you lying on your back! I am still not quite sure how you pulled that off and think it was probably just a fluke. You have reflux-bad reflux. You spit up all over yourself and me, sometimes soaking an entire burp cloth (and your clothes) after each feeding. I am learning how to help you drink less (hard to do when you can't measure) and keep it down by keeping you upright for 20 minutes after feedings and changing you before, not after, a meal. We go through a lot of laundry around here lately! Thankfully, you are a "happy spitter" and the doctor doesn't think we need to use medicine unless you get increasingly fussy. Despite all the food that comes out, you must be keeping your fair share in. You are growing well. At your check-up you weighed 9lbs 8oz (60%) and were 20.5 in(30%). This is how long you were when you were born, but you shrunk to 19 in. after the cone on top of your head went down. You eat for the last time around 10:30 pm. You wake at 2:22 and then again at 6:22 for a quick snack and go right back to sleep. Unfortunately, mama has to stay up for 20 minutes or so to catch your spit-ups! Mama and Dada laugh at the rigid schedule you keep for yourself. I told Dada, when I was pregnant with you, that you had yourself on a tight schedule. I always knew when to expect your little kicks and when you would be sleeping. So far, it is holding true on the outside. You get that from me; I find comfort in routine too! You are such a blessing, Margot and I love you more than you will ever know. I don't want to take a minute of my time with you for granted because, one thing I have learned from your brothers, is that this time goes by so quickly.

Favorite way to sleep #2. This is the way I find you most mornings. You are still sleeping beside me in the bassinet (on a wedge to help keep your milk down). I know I would be much too cold to go to your room in the middle of the night to get you. It is much easier to feed you in my warm bed!
Bath time-you love it!

Favorite sleeping position #1. You sleep like this most of the day. You really seem to like being on your tummy. I think it helps with the reflux.
Lifting your head so high to look at your brothers! Notice your big bib and burp cloth. Just trying to cut down on laundry!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

These Boys

They are funny. They are rowdy. They drive me nearly insane sometimes. They melt my heart with sweet words. They anger me when they throw fits. They are precious, and I love them.
No time for the lengthy post I was contemplating about life these days. Everyone keeps asking. In short: it is great; it is hard; I am tired!

*Do you see the boys swinging in the last picture? They taught themselves how to get started and go "super high" without an initial push from me. This has been a lifesaver the past few weeks.