Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh My Sweet, Sweet Micah

Micah, you are five! I am late posting this because we had such an eventful birthday for you-so eventful that I came down with a cold. We woke you with balloons, a honey bun, and a "cafe latte." The smile hardly left your face and grew bigger when you saw your new bicycle downstairs. Your request for the day was to go to Pump It Up-an inflatable jump arena, so we headed there after breakfast. After two hours of intense jumping activity, we made our way to Sonic where you enjoyed a corn dog and blue coconut slushy. We came home for Owen to take a rest, but I let you skip your nap time to play a couple of video games and a game of checkers with me. Then, it was time for dinner at La Hacienda with Grammy, Gramps, Aunt Maggie, Madison, and Brandon. You had your usual cheese dip and tortillas, but ended the meal with a fried ice cream and birthday song! Later in the week, we had a birthday party for you at Grammy's pool. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, big boy.

You still love pink and purple and requested a multi-layer coconut cake with pink, purple, and green layers. Nana was nice enough to help get the colors just right. I think you were pleased.

An Asian noodle salad for a lunch break at your pool party.
We also had watermelon because it is Owen's favorite.
You put in a special request for Oliver and Beatrice to come to your party. You all had a really fun time swimming in the pool.
Juice box treat!
Attempting the rock wall at pump it up
Owen had a blast and was so worn out by the end that he couldn't stop crying. He was sad that he had no energy to do anymore jumps.

Super Fast!
My birthday boy with his pink balloon, plate, and flowers. This really cracks me up, and I think it will be funny for you when you look back on your "pink" fifth birthday.

You have changed immensely this past year. You have changed into a real little boy-no more baby Micah. You have grown so much in so many areas. Dada and I have watched you excel at your favorite sport-golf, you have learned to ride a bike with training wheels, you have developed a love for reading that has sent your reading skills through the roof, and you have made your first friends including your very best friend- Owen. You continue to have such an intensity to your personality-one that your Dada and I are doing our best to understand. You have tenacity that blows us away, and you always teach us how much one can accomplish when truly committed. We pray the Lord will use this for His glory as we can only imagine what He might do with a wonderful boy like you. You remain very tender hearted and try so hard to deny that anything bad is going on. You love to fix things for others with quick solutions, "Owen, would you like to have just one more cookie? Then would you stop crying?" I often have to step in and remind you that you are not the parent. You love to inquire as to when you are going to be able to make rules and eat ice cream in your bed like Mama! We try to include you on many decisions and you love it. We love it that you help us with our indecisiveness! We love you so much; we are so thankful for the blessing of having you as our firstborn son. We pray God will continue to grow you healthy and strong, that He will continue to fill your heart with love for Jesus, and that He will continue to let us have you as our little boy. Every birthday that passes, we just marvel at how fast it is going and how proud we are to claim you as our son!

Monday, June 07, 2010

The Bunk Beds

It has taken a while to get this post up mainly because the bunk beds have meant a lot of: less sleep, tired boys, and a very tired impatient mama. I guess that is to be expected when you put two wild and crazy boys together in the same room for the first time. Overall, they have really done a great job. They have slept all night every night. They just, unfortunately, have stayed up laughing until 9:30 or 10, woken up laughing by 7, and nixed sleeping during rest time. My boys require a lot more sleep than that, so we have had numerous meltdowns. I am hoping we will get all the kinks worked out soon and all be a little more rested!