Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Best BIIIGGGG Brother"

Now that Owen is getting a little older, the boys are starting to interact more. Nothing makes me happier than when Owen starts laughing just because Micah sits next to him, or when Micah wants to help feed Owen his cereal. Micah also loves to bathe Owen in the bathtub, giving you a play-by-play of his technique. My favorite is in the morning when Owen and I go get Micah from bed, and Micah lets out an excited "It's baby Owen!" (I often wonder how long we will call him "baby Owen.") Micah loves to claim that he is the best "biiiggg brother" and that baby Owen is the best "yittle brother."

Owen is sitting up on his own these days, which makes life more fun for everyone. It is so nice as a mom when you can finally put the baby down for a minute before your other child attempts a "big jump" off the back of the couch while holding the cords to the shades in his hand! Micah is still drawing away and has officially perfected his mushroom technique. He also drew me a purple flower yesterday. I remembered to clip them out of his drawing pad to put into his scrapbook. I feel like life goes by so quickly, and I want to remember to stop and jot down some memories, take pictures, and save the little things my children make for me. Matt is still home part time, and he is loving the precious time he is getting with his boys.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Game Day

Well, we are still sporting our game day attire even though Auburn had a poor showing. No fair weather fans around here! Micah loves shouting "A-U-B-U-R-N" followed by "what's that spell?" He then waits for us to respond, and if we don't, he will begin again.
The boys are doing great, just growing up too quickly. Micah still loves to draw, as shown by the pictures, and Owen loves sitting in his Bumbo and watching. Lately, Micah is a night owl like his Mama, and since it has finally cooled off around here, we have moved to the back deck at night to let him draw. We just can't bring ourselves to make him go to bed when this is one of his best times. He definitely keeps us entertained with his obsessions such as drawing mushrooms (don't ask). He has actually gotten really good at drawing them, and he loves to compliment himself with "good work Bubsers (a Dada given nickname)" or "amazing!"
Hope you all enjoy the new pictures.

Monday, September 03, 2007