Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Golf Tournament

Oh, the depths of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgements and His ways past finding out! --Romans 11:33

This past weekend, we enjoyed Micah's third golf tournament. On the way there, we were reflecting on the past year. One year ago to the day of the tournament we were driving to Micah's first golf tournament. I was 38 weeks pregnant. We got a new car that same afternoon. It was a big day for us, and we were feeling great-excited about what was in store. We had no idea. What a gift that God doesn't give us a window into the future. I loved being at that golf tournament thinking everything was right in the world. I'm glad I didn't know I would have such a rough post-partum after Margot was born. I'm glad I didn't know how sick my first born would become just three months later. I couldn't have walked so carefree that morning, loving life, had I known.

On February 25 I drove Micah to the doctor and then to the hospital. He had been sick for a month and was taking a turn for the worst. He wouldn't come home for a month. I watched him get sicker literally by the hour and felt my life spinning out of control. I remember the day we had a turnaround and were allowed to put Micah in a wheelchair. We got to stroll him around the hospital. We bought him ice cream. I remember Matt and I thinking and saying "if this is the best we get-we are okay with that." They were telling us to expect a long recovery. Micah's inflammation was some of the most severe they had seen. No one knew if our child would walk again, let alone play golf. We were just so happy he was alive. The Lord is so good to us in that He works our trials for good. I would not be the mom I am today without this past year. I soak up every minute I can-life is fragile. I remember to be joyful even when I am so tired. I remember that one day I won't have these little people wanting my attention, and I relish in reading them one last chapter. I remember that babies get big-fast, and I relish that one last snuggle from my baby. I remember that life is hard, but life is such a gift, and I try not to take the small things for granted. His ways are not my own. I would not have chosen to walk the path I did this past year. But, I also likely would still be sulking in my own self pity of not getting enough "me time." I would not have chosen for my son to endure what he did, but I wouldn't have been able to see his faith grow, the Lord working in his little heart, the wide-eyed wonder my boys have of their Creator who heals diseases.

This weekend was amazing. Again we were loving life, walking around the golf course watching our miracle boy make one fantastic shot after another. He had a goal: shoot a 25. He made his goal and was so proud. His face was priceless when they called his name to receive his first place trophy. We had a wonderful day watching our son accomplish his goal. And you know what? I'm glad I don't have a window into the next 12 months. Oh Lord, deal gently with us.

Right before a great chip on his first hole of the tournament. This was his second shot, the video is below.

Calling his name for first place!
so proud

Owen, look what I won for us! Micah wants to keep the trophy on the dresser so they can both see it from their beds.

from Ginny Morrison on Vimeo.


The above videos were his first two shots of the tournament. He went on to putt for par! It was a great way to start off the morning.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Day in the Life

Of an 11 month old baby girl. Last week, you turned 11 months old. I realized I needed to get out the camera and snap some photos. I don't want to let my annoyance at our outdated, fuzzy imaged camera deter me from capturing these days with you. You are one busy girl and are growing so big right before our very eyes. We are so blessed to get to be your parents and brothers, Margot!

We start the day nice and slow with breakfast and play time in our pj's. You pull up and stand most of the day.

You love to put things in this drawer and pull them out for a taste. EVERYTHING goes in your mouth. We really have to watch out for you. Thankfully, your brothers help us with this challenge.

You also spend a lot of time over by the boys' school table. You want to be all up in their business all day. They try to be patient with you as you pull down their papers and crayons. I tell them it won't be long before you are sitting there with them.

Then we head upstairs to get dressed. You love to stand and look out the boys' window. You also love to explore all their toys in their room. In this picture you are laughing at Owen. He is so good with you-very nurturing and always making you smile. You can also see your dimple under your left eye in this picture. Owen has the same one.

Now that you are adamantly opposed to taking two naps a day, we try our best to prolong the morning by taking a walk. Your new schedule is: wake up at 7:45, nap from 12-3, bed by 7:30. I actually like this better as we are not bound by two naps a day and you are asleep nice and early for me in the evenings. You still nurse 3-4 times a day. This makes me happy as your brother's were self-weaners at this age. You eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks. We haven't found many foods you don't like. Asparagus is your favorite vegetable, cantaloupe and mango your favorite fruits, and salmon and tilapia your favorite meats. Breakfast is oatmeal every day and your favorite snack is yogurt.

Since I was in camera mode, I told the boys we would take some pictures of them too. Owen was willing, but too shy to look at the camera on most attempts. Micah told me he wasn't handsome and wouldn't smile for me, hence the above photo!

The boys are always having so much fun, and you always try to be a part of whatever they are doing. I am hoping this will entice you to walk soon as crawling on the concrete is not good for the knees or clothes.

Convinced Micah to give me a good smile :)

"Listen to me! I have a lot to say these days too!" You can say "dog dog" and "ball" and that is what you like to talk about most of the day. You have many other words, you just have your horn stuck right now. You also love to read books and point to the pictures in them.

Micah and Owen try to help you stay on your feet and teach you to walk!

On the way home, Owen was telling Micah a secret. It ended in a hug, and I had to snap one more! Then it was home to make lunch. We met a special surprise...

You love your Dada. Big smiles and waves make him so happy.

We'll be back so soon with a happy birthday post.